Upgrading your website?

Many of our clients have come to us looking to upgrade the look of their site, or want the ability to have more control over content updates and maintain it themselves. Others have lost their webmaster or are unhappy with their current service provider. In most cases, the client is too small for the service provider, or the service provider is too small for the client. Either way, they are not receiving the support they expect or deserve.

Here are a few examples of some of the updates we’ve done recently.

Alba Home Services

Alba’s site was completely built in flash, making unusable on a mobile device and very difficult to maintain.


  • Flash based
  • limited portfolio
  • difficult to maintain due to being built in flash
  • no contact form

alba home services before in flash


  • developed with Content Management System (CMS) for easy updates by the client
  • mobile friendly
  • video gallery highlighting services offered
  • contact form for easy lead management

alba home services


Bearbrook Game Meat Farms

Bearbrook was having difficulty maintaining their website, and wanted a more interactive experience for their clients that included an online shopping cart.


  • static content
  • no shopping cart
  • static photo gallery
  • difficult to maintain and update



  • banner image rotation
  • e-commerce enabled with full product listing/photos
  • picture gallery
  • calendar of events

South March Highlands

South March Highlands needed a new solution that would allow multiple contributors to update content. However, since most are volunteers, it had to be easy to use by people with limited experience.

We developed the site using our Content Management System (CMS) and divided the home page down into separate content areas. This provided the ability to highlight various aspects of the coalation, ie. News, Events, Campaigns, etc. These content areas cycle through the most recent items, but also allows users to view archives of previous postings.

Social media was also a requirement, so we enabled a live Twitter and Facebook feed as well as hosting their Flickr images from various contributors and members of the community.


  • difficult to maintain and update
  • limited photo gallery
  • no social media integration
  • dated content – needed to be reorganized to better represent the new focus of the coalition


  • content management system with easy to use interface for multiple contributors
  • photo/video gallery
  • calendar of events
  • social media integration